Monday, February 25, 2013

Rock Oboe Research Project

Yes, it has been a dog's age. Hoboe have been on hiatus for the better part of a year. Members up and moved, Zen Ben's oboe got stolen, the debut album is in search of the perfect label, yaddi yadda yadda. Suffice it to say, the Hoboe train has been at the station getting serviced. Stay tuned though, we don't expect this layover to keep going indefinitely. In the meantime, Zen Ben has an exciting new research project that he will be unveiling very soon--the world's largest database of rock, pop, and jazz oboists, and their songs, albums and recordings. "You would be amazed at how many of us [rock oboists] there are in this world--far more than you think!", Zen Ben tells us. Part of the project's unveiling is going to be a complete online database (with a catchy name being kept secret for now), and links to videos, audio and detailed information. The project will also include an ongoing blog showcasing the various rock, pop and/or jazz oboists (with interviews!), reviews of albums, and historical summaries of some of the best pop oboe bands out there. The project hopes to be a complete and consolidated clearinghouse for everything related to "strange" (ok, we'll just say "non-classical") oboe usage. From what we've seen in the back-end about this project, there is nowhere that has this much information about rock, pop and jazz oboists anywhere on the web. If you have suggestions of bands, oboists, albums or songs relating to oboe being played in rock, pop, jazz or experimental (non-classical) music, please let us know so that Zen Ben can include the information in his research project. Electric oboists! Rock oboists! Jazz oboists! You out there? Drop Zen Ben a line to say hello. Another angle of interest to Zen Ben is to compare and contrast the various methods and equipment used by those who amplify their oboes.... This is going to be a lot of fun to reveal! In the meantime, check out the following links--but small parts of the overall project that will piece together the many beautiful and dynamic facets in the history of our field! Oboe Hoboe Pandora Station Not Your Classic Oboe! YouTube Playlist and of course as always, our own personal band website: Thanks for ridin' our train, and when things get toot-a-tootin' once more, we'll let you all know. Until then, enjoy these rock/pop/jazz/experimental oboe samples. Hopefully, it will hold you over until Hoboe rise from their stupor.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hoboe Play Beethoven: 5th Symphony Movements 2, 4 and 1


Hoboe will present an unprecedented performance of rock renditions of three movements from Beethoven's fifth symphony.

In celebration of his 241st birthday this year, Hoboe will perform movements 2, 4 and 1 of the symphony (in that order), after a set of original material that will also include new works being debuted by the outfit.

This is the first known attempt of any artists digging in at a deeper, more meaningful level to perform Beethoven in a pop context beyond simply rearranging the traditionally popular and instantly recognizable theme of the first movement.

The first movement has been depicted in a wide variety of styles including heavy metal, funk, disco, and electronica. However none of these versions have ever attempted to play the movement the entire way through, instead simply remixing the introductory exposition theme and repeating it in different contexts.

Furthermore, there are no known alternative-genre versions of any of the other three movements of Beethoven's most popular symphony.

Hoboe will enter unchartered waters, not only in an attempt to capture the brilliance and magnitude of the first movement by playing it entirely from start to finish--complete with exposition, development and recapitulation, but also by presenting their own performance of the beautiful and majestic melodic themes of the second and fourth movements (also from start to finish).

With only four instruments--oboe, guitar, bass and drumkit, and a whole lot of amplification, Hoboe will attempt to recapture and modernize the volume and power of the world famous Beethoven orchestral favorite.

Hoboe will also introduce new songs, and present the debut of Chris Bell as their drummer as well as the return of Jon Bangs (this time on bass!).


$5 in advance / $7 at door


"They don't just dare to be different, they rock it out." --Todd M. Richard, Portland Magazine

"Zen Ben, frontman of the oboe-centric rock band Hoboe, looks to 'deliver the oboe to the doorsteps of rock and roll, much like how Jethro Tull delivered the flute to rock.' (I assure you, he's dead serious about this.)" --Christopher Gray, Portland Phoenix

Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer in Space

Things have been a little slow lately in Hoboe village, but that will change eventually. Right now Zen Ben has some fancy idea that he's going to be an astronaut or something like that, and is going away for a NASA research study where he will have no communication with the outside world. Rather mysterious. The membership lineup is in fluctuation as bassist Ben Holt has had to return to his hometown for personal matters, and Chris Bell has recently been inducted into the Hoboe Hall of Shame, well, that is, after he plays a gig with the clowns.

The finalized version of the debut CD that many you have been waiting so long for, has finally come back from Gateway Mastering Studios by the ears and hands of the masterful Adam Ayan, and as soon as Zen Ben gets back from space, expect some movement on that...

In the meantime, we're lining up some shows for you by late fall and trust us, Hoboe is going to be so anxious to hit the stage again! In the meantime, we'll be auditioning a bass player for the band in the immediate future, and once we get resettled with our lineup, watch out. The Hoboe train will soon be back on the tracks.

In the meantime, look up at the stars and wave to Zen Ben (spacey guitar sounds by Thom Metz in the background)....

Sunday, May 29, 2011

RE:|Great time last night! Set list: breakdown lane - orange - action figure skeletons - queen disgusting - althea adelina greene - phil
RE:|Great time last night! Set list: breakdown lane - orange - action figure skeletons - queen disgusting - althea adelina greene - phil


Great time last night! Set list: breakdown lane - orange - action figure skeletons - queen disgusting - althea adelina greene - phil