Thursday, October 28, 2010


Yes, it's October in Maine. Here we are, a cooling Hoboe, gathering our nuts together for winter's hibernation. Claiming the title of "world's premier rock oboe band" doesn't come easy, we have a lot of work to do... and we can't let this cold chill slow us down.

Firstly, thanks to everybody who caught our show at the Empire this week.

Set List:
I'm Your Man - Steve - Radioactive Radiation Blues - Two Minutes to Twelve - Ghost in My Heart - Phil

Radioactive Radiation Blues, a song by our friend Buddy Swenson, hasn't been played by us in probably over a year--it felt good to dust that one off... we may keep that in regular rotation.

Breaking news! The Hoboe debut single "I'm Your Man/Charlie" is now available on hard copy of MP3 at

Don't forget that you can get Hoboe also at our favorite local CD store Bull Moose at

We have Hoboe T-shirts available online

We really don't mind you buying our stuff, and many copies of it... we're trying to get the funds together to get our full-length CD mastered, manufactured and distributed... we know we're sitting on quite a gem here, the quintessential rock oboe masterpiece to date (if we could be so humble), and believe us, it doesn't make us feel any better that it's still not out than it does our fans who have also been waiting over a year for this art.

We're convinced that as we near the final stages of releasing this, lots of opportunities will open up for us. In the meantime, stay tuned for more developments.. such as a possible campaign.

We're playing Genos Rock Club Saturday, Nov. 13th. We're headlining again, with support from Project Seven and Bukura.

We'll also be at Slainte Wine Bar and Lounge on Saturday, Dec. 4th with a band tba.

New songs in the work also.

As always, we love our fans and thank you for the support...
-zen Ben

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

FW:|Hoboe plays 2nite 7-9 @ empire. Halloween party in support of ben chipman, independent candidate 4 state rep in parkside district!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


What a great time we had last night at Sean's full-moon costume party! I was an elf that Santa fired, Thom was a werewolf and Jon was a sailor. The crowd was great, and the bands were awesome -- The Watermen, Heart Shaped Rock, Sun God in Exile, Clubberlang... The room probably sounded better than any bar we've ever played in. It is after all, a recording studio. Having Bob Bergeron come up and play/sing a song with us for the first time in over a year was also a real treat. We haven't played "Charlie" since he left the band, and it's a great song. Here's the setlist:
Orange - Phil - St. Starin' - Charlie - Ghost in My Heart

Next stop on the Hoboe train is a Halloween party on Tuesday, in support of Independent candidate Ben Chipman for State Representative. Ben has been a friend of mine for a long time, over a decade and he's got an excellent chance of winning this race... so we're going to have fun at any rate... we're playing downstairs at The Empire.

On other fronts, Adam Ayan from Gateway Mastering Studios has agreed to take on the mastering of our debut CD, so we will be launching a fundraising campaign to cover the costs very soon. Also, our debut CD is now available online at CDBaby, and will soon be available on iTunes, and more.

Stay tuned for more exciting Hoboe news....

=Zen Ben