Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hoboe Play Beethoven: 5th Symphony Movements 2, 4 and 1


Hoboe will present an unprecedented performance of rock renditions of three movements from Beethoven's fifth symphony.

In celebration of his 241st birthday this year, Hoboe will perform movements 2, 4 and 1 of the symphony (in that order), after a set of original material that will also include new works being debuted by the outfit.

This is the first known attempt of any artists digging in at a deeper, more meaningful level to perform Beethoven in a pop context beyond simply rearranging the traditionally popular and instantly recognizable theme of the first movement.

The first movement has been depicted in a wide variety of styles including heavy metal, funk, disco, and electronica. However none of these versions have ever attempted to play the movement the entire way through, instead simply remixing the introductory exposition theme and repeating it in different contexts.

Furthermore, there are no known alternative-genre versions of any of the other three movements of Beethoven's most popular symphony.

Hoboe will enter unchartered waters, not only in an attempt to capture the brilliance and magnitude of the first movement by playing it entirely from start to finish--complete with exposition, development and recapitulation, but also by presenting their own performance of the beautiful and majestic melodic themes of the second and fourth movements (also from start to finish).

With only four instruments--oboe, guitar, bass and drumkit, and a whole lot of amplification, Hoboe will attempt to recapture and modernize the volume and power of the world famous Beethoven orchestral favorite.

Hoboe will also introduce new songs, and present the debut of Chris Bell as their drummer as well as the return of Jon Bangs (this time on bass!).


$5 in advance / $7 at door


"They don't just dare to be different, they rock it out." --Todd M. Richard, Portland Magazine

"Zen Ben, frontman of the oboe-centric rock band Hoboe, looks to 'deliver the oboe to the doorsteps of rock and roll, much like how Jethro Tull delivered the flute to rock.' (I assure you, he's dead serious about this.)" --Christopher Gray, Portland Phoenix

Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer in Space

Things have been a little slow lately in Hoboe village, but that will change eventually. Right now Zen Ben has some fancy idea that he's going to be an astronaut or something like that, and is going away for a NASA research study where he will have no communication with the outside world. Rather mysterious. The membership lineup is in fluctuation as bassist Ben Holt has had to return to his hometown for personal matters, and Chris Bell has recently been inducted into the Hoboe Hall of Shame, well, that is, after he plays a gig with the clowns.

The finalized version of the debut CD that many you have been waiting so long for, has finally come back from Gateway Mastering Studios by the ears and hands of the masterful Adam Ayan, and as soon as Zen Ben gets back from space, expect some movement on that...

In the meantime, we're lining up some shows for you by late fall and trust us, Hoboe is going to be so anxious to hit the stage again! In the meantime, we'll be auditioning a bass player for the band in the immediate future, and once we get resettled with our lineup, watch out. The Hoboe train will soon be back on the tracks.

In the meantime, look up at the stars and wave to Zen Ben (spacey guitar sounds by Thom Metz in the background)....

Sunday, May 29, 2011

RE:|Great time last night! Set list: breakdown lane - orange - action figure skeletons - queen disgusting - althea adelina greene - phil
RE:|Great time last night! Set list: breakdown lane - orange - action figure skeletons - queen disgusting - althea adelina greene - phil


Great time last night! Set list: breakdown lane - orange - action figure skeletons - queen disgusting - althea adelina greene - phil

Saturday, May 28, 2011

FW:|Today's the big 40! Zenben bday bash at genos tonight! With hoboe featuring tanya kelly, the heeby jeebies & rolling with nixon! Come party with us!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tonight! Hoboe headlines 11:15-12:30 @ space gallery for the league of young voters' re-emergence fundraiser. All-ages, pay what you can afford.
Tonight! Hoboe headlines 11:15-12:30 @ space gallery for the league of young voters' re-emergence fundraiser. All-ages, pay what you can afford.

Friday, April 22, 2011

FW:|Tonight hoboe opens for by blood alone @ genos. Ill also be playing nboe with bba! -zen ben

Past Present Future Perfect

The Hoboe train hits the junction of time tonight, as a lineup of past, present and future members join forces for a rare, unique interpretation of what is, what will be or perhaps always has been, the "Hoboe" sound. Current members Zen Ben and Thom Metz are joined by future new drummer Chris Bell, substituting for Jon Bangs who will be returning to play his last performances with Hoboe in May. Sitting in for Ben Holt, who cannot play the gig at Genos tonight (opening for By Blood Alone) for personal reasons, will be former Hoboe bassist and songwriter Bob Bergeron who also wrote two songs on Hoboe's upcoming debut CD.

This configuration of Hoboe rehearsed this week and they are excited to present their findings to their fans in full Hoboe fashion tonight at Genos.

Zen Ben will also be making a guest appearance playing oboe with By Blood Alone.

Past. Present. Future. Perfect.

All Abooooooaaaaaaaaarrdd!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Local Buzz Closes Out Hoboe's Winter Season

Hoboe kissed winter goodbye today in the company of family and friends and in the comfort of the cozy cafe/bar/eatery The Local Buzz. We enjoyed the sound there, the food and the people who showed up to see us. *Thank you*

Set I:
I Need a New Song
St. Starin'
Action Figure Skeletons

Set II:
Two Minutes to Twelve
I'm Your Man
Queen Disgusting
Radioactive Radiation Blues
Althea Adelina Greene

And what a winter it's been! The season of the ice castle has come to a close and I think we really got the best of the cold this year. Firstly and most remarkably of all the good Hoboe happenings this chilly season was the show of support from our fans who helped us raise funds to get our debut CD mastered. Kickstarter is a great tool for artists and we were happy to have stumbled upon it.

In fact, it even inspired me to build an igloo, as a suggestion and challenge from a friend who said he would answer the igloo with a $100 pledge to Kickstarter. We ended up playing a lot of music in that ice cathedral (I dubbed it "Cathedral Z.") and you might eventually get to catch a little bit of it on YouTube, down the road... man, the igloo melted (it lasted 40 days). The night it melted felt like tears were rolling down its wet slopes as if it were crying it's final farewell to the world, kind of like Frosty the Snowman or something. I am teary-eyed thinking about it... sure am going to miss that cold clubhouse!

This week, we are meeting with Adam Ayan of Gateway Mastering Studios to begin the process of mastering our debut CD which has been what seems like ages in the making. We can't wait to get this out there for you all to hear. We believe we captured a magical beauty--a sense of connection to both the natural and supernatural human conditions, played out in the emotional drama of music and poetry. If you are wondering whay we haven't played out as much this winter, it's because we felt it important to get this CD out and needed to dedicate time to accelerate the acheivement of that goal. Thanks to the support of our fans, we are getting a lot closer to turning the rest of the world on to our unique approach to music in the modern rock landscape.

We did get to play Grim's Birthday Party though, with Feed the Corpse at Genos on Feb. 25th. Our gig last night at The Local Buzz, aside from being Hoboe's debut performance in Cape Elizabeth, was also a rare two-hour set performance. So those of you that caught it got a special one. Two gigs, one winter. -sigh- alas...


How promising it does look! More shows...

Friday, April 22nd opening in By Blood Alone's CD release show at Genos

Wednesday, May 18th headlining Maine League of Young Voters fundraiser at Space Gallery

Saturday, May 28th at Magic Mountain Music Festival

and more to come...

so keep tuned and thank you as usual to the fans who support the steam engine known as Hoboe...

All abooooooaaaard!!

-zen Ben

Friday, March 4, 2011

What is the adjective for adjective?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Come have a good time w us. Dont let snow get u down, we built an igloo for crying out loud! Lol
Show update: 1 band backed out on account of snow. Hoboe going on earlier, probably around 11 & playing for almost 2 hours! The oboe sounds good despite the c#
FW:|Tonight, hoboe w feed the corpse & absence of the sun @ genos. We hoboes go on last @ midnite. Brave the snow & make the show!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

You can still pre-order hoboe's debut cd at until 2moro (mon) @ 5 pm. Pre-ordering helps us fund getting it mastered by the grammy winning a