Friday, April 22, 2011

Past Present Future Perfect

The Hoboe train hits the junction of time tonight, as a lineup of past, present and future members join forces for a rare, unique interpretation of what is, what will be or perhaps always has been, the "Hoboe" sound. Current members Zen Ben and Thom Metz are joined by future new drummer Chris Bell, substituting for Jon Bangs who will be returning to play his last performances with Hoboe in May. Sitting in for Ben Holt, who cannot play the gig at Genos tonight (opening for By Blood Alone) for personal reasons, will be former Hoboe bassist and songwriter Bob Bergeron who also wrote two songs on Hoboe's upcoming debut CD.

This configuration of Hoboe rehearsed this week and they are excited to present their findings to their fans in full Hoboe fashion tonight at Genos.

Zen Ben will also be making a guest appearance playing oboe with By Blood Alone.

Past. Present. Future. Perfect.

All Abooooooaaaaaaaaarrdd!

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