Saturday, March 12, 2011

Local Buzz Closes Out Hoboe's Winter Season

Hoboe kissed winter goodbye today in the company of family and friends and in the comfort of the cozy cafe/bar/eatery The Local Buzz. We enjoyed the sound there, the food and the people who showed up to see us. *Thank you*

Set I:
I Need a New Song
St. Starin'
Action Figure Skeletons

Set II:
Two Minutes to Twelve
I'm Your Man
Queen Disgusting
Radioactive Radiation Blues
Althea Adelina Greene

And what a winter it's been! The season of the ice castle has come to a close and I think we really got the best of the cold this year. Firstly and most remarkably of all the good Hoboe happenings this chilly season was the show of support from our fans who helped us raise funds to get our debut CD mastered. Kickstarter is a great tool for artists and we were happy to have stumbled upon it.

In fact, it even inspired me to build an igloo, as a suggestion and challenge from a friend who said he would answer the igloo with a $100 pledge to Kickstarter. We ended up playing a lot of music in that ice cathedral (I dubbed it "Cathedral Z.") and you might eventually get to catch a little bit of it on YouTube, down the road... man, the igloo melted (it lasted 40 days). The night it melted felt like tears were rolling down its wet slopes as if it were crying it's final farewell to the world, kind of like Frosty the Snowman or something. I am teary-eyed thinking about it... sure am going to miss that cold clubhouse!

This week, we are meeting with Adam Ayan of Gateway Mastering Studios to begin the process of mastering our debut CD which has been what seems like ages in the making. We can't wait to get this out there for you all to hear. We believe we captured a magical beauty--a sense of connection to both the natural and supernatural human conditions, played out in the emotional drama of music and poetry. If you are wondering whay we haven't played out as much this winter, it's because we felt it important to get this CD out and needed to dedicate time to accelerate the acheivement of that goal. Thanks to the support of our fans, we are getting a lot closer to turning the rest of the world on to our unique approach to music in the modern rock landscape.

We did get to play Grim's Birthday Party though, with Feed the Corpse at Genos on Feb. 25th. Our gig last night at The Local Buzz, aside from being Hoboe's debut performance in Cape Elizabeth, was also a rare two-hour set performance. So those of you that caught it got a special one. Two gigs, one winter. -sigh- alas...


How promising it does look! More shows...

Friday, April 22nd opening in By Blood Alone's CD release show at Genos

Wednesday, May 18th headlining Maine League of Young Voters fundraiser at Space Gallery

Saturday, May 28th at Magic Mountain Music Festival

and more to come...

so keep tuned and thank you as usual to the fans who support the steam engine known as Hoboe...

All abooooooaaaard!!

-zen Ben

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